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Powerboat Poker Run
May 17, 2014
Rain Date May 18, 2014

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Long Island Stampede Powerboat Poker Run
Don Aronow Memorial Record Run around Long Island
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 Record run Around Long Island
September 19, 2013

Matthew Gordon and Ed Dawson made a gallant attempt to break the ‘AROUND LONG ISLAND Record’ in their 37’ Hustler Talon Cat, but fell short after running into mother nature’s ‘big seas’ as they passed Smithtown Bay and approached West Hampton, NY. 

They started just after 8 am at Buoy 32A, located mid-sound between Greenwich, CT and Oyster Bay, NY, heading East at 90+ MPH. they carried enough fuel in their 4 tanks to make it non-stop, but again, the water conditions changed rapidly and brought them to a 50 mph pace…not enough to sustain or endure the full 271 mile challenge.

They returned to port, frustrated…but not defeated. They are safe and the boat is unharmed.

They will try again very soon…stay tuned.

The GPS replay by Kattack is available along with pictures and video.

37’ Hustler Catamaran 'TALON'
This is a true test of Man & Machine vs the Elements.



 Past RALI statistics are available at:

This mission is not for the faint of heart…
may the wind be at your stern!

Contact Info for the Gordon Group
Kevin Mcgann, Chief of Staff, Gordon Group
(914) 708-9985

Billy Frenz
Executive Director

Maritime Parc at Liberty Landing
Jersey City, NJ

Indigo by the Water
Milford, CT

NPBA Executive Director Billy Frenz

N.P.B.A. Executive Director
Billy Frenz

Photos of Billy's FAMOUS Brunch Run around Manhattan
October 20, 2013

Clips from the 
Manhasset Bay Gold Cup Powerboat Poker run
August 24, 2013


2013 Manhasset Bay 'Gold Cup' Powerboat Poker Run 
Mark, Larry & Paula's Photos

2013 Old Saybrook "Between the Bridges" Powerboat Poker Run
July 21, 2012 Photos by Paula & Larry

Stuart Hayim
& John Tomlinson

Race for Charity

hi-performance powerboat
Race Around Long Island

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Don Aronow Memorial Race Around Long Island

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The North 'Gold Coast' shore of Long Island on the Long Island Sound 
Long Island Sound - (Manhasset Bay)

Milford, Manhasset Bay & Old Saybrook 

* The Poker hand played requires no skill or knowledge of poker. The cards dealt out during the event will be done so randomly and all players then compare their hands, and a winning hand is declared.
The combinations and rankings of cards will be displayed on the day of the event. Any identical winning hands will be resolved with a simple cutting of a fresh deck.

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