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Don Aronow Memorial Marathon
Around Long Island  

This 271 mile course has been a challenge to nautical sportsmen since its inception in 1959, when Jim Lacey won the race at 8 hours
and 30 minutes in a 17’ Hunter with a 70 HP Mercury outboard.
Through the years, races around Long Island and “One-Off” record setting
challenges have been an attraction for thrill seeking, affluent gentlemen of the sport.
The Prestige of establishing a Record Run Around Long Island ranks high up
on the bucket list for many speedboaters from North America and attracts the attention of boater’s throughout the world.

This is a true test of Man, Machine, and the Elements

The Start and the Finish of the Marathon Around Long Island  August 22, 2015
Lon was on the paceboat, Sam & Mark were on Chris Broadbent's 35 Luhrs


2015 Marathon Run Around Long Island Photos

Cursor down for Maps, History, Event schedule, Gas Docks, Previous Race Winners and the Day of Event Schedule

2015 Marathon Around Long Island finishers Joe Sgro & Joe Cibellis receive the trophy for completing the course!

Billy, Joe, Joe, Allison & Tom

Four boats take a pounding:
Speed On The Water on-line magazine


Race Around Long Island Course
(We start  at Bouy #27 heading NORTHEAST.) 

There are no required stopping stations. Some boats are equipped to carry enough fuel, but they will have the option of refueling at any marina they choose.

Start and stop is buoy #27 off of Port Washington, Long Island Sound, north of Great Neck.

Proceed North on Long Island Sound, keeping the north shore of Long Island to starboard. After passing Orient Pt Lighthouse (N41.156427 by W 72.24187) and Montauk Point Lighthouse (N41.071577 by W 71.861572), proceed South, past Freeport and the Rockaways/Brooklyn, enter the Hudson River under the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. Proceed on the Easterly side of Governor's Island to the East River and travel the Easterly side of Roosevelt Island to "Hell's Gate" and Northerly past Riker's Island, under the Whitestone Bridge, under the Throggs Neck Bridge into Long Island Sound, and end just past Great Neck at Buoy #27.


Race Around Long Island   Eastern (NYC) leg  Course Map



   Click here to for a list of Gas Docks & Seatow contact information


The Festivities

The ‘Good Voyage’ cocktail party at the marina's dockside outdoor bar 
starts Friday evening at 6:00PM.

The Main Event

The Main Event begins at 7AM at buoy #27 on the
Long Island Sound

Watching The Event

We will watch the Kattack GPS playback of the Event on the large screen at
Guy LaMotta's outdoor restaurant.
Live GPS of the race will also be broadcast on the web.

The Awards Ceremony

The V-Bottom Class and Catamaran Class Winner's Trophies
will be awarded at 5:00PM

Past Marathons & Attempts






2015 Marathon Around Long Island Photos


On September 19, 2013 Matt Gordon & Ed Dawson attempted the run in a Hustler 377 Talon Catamaran. The course map and segments of the Kattack online GPS map have been added to the video.
This run is sanctioned by the National Powerboat Association. 

View the Pictures

    Matthew is the owner of multiple business’ including “Graduation Source” and Avanti Systems. He has been an avid helmsman for over 20 years and an active participant on the National Powerboat Association’s poker run series and the Florida Powerboat Club’s poker run series…encompassing boating from Key West to Maine.  His homeport is Beacon Point Marine at the Greenwich Water Club in Cos Cob, CT.
What caught Matthew’s interest was the re-introduction of the DON ARONOW MEMORIAL MARATHON AROUND LONG ISLAND, which was brought back in September of 2010 after being dormant for over 25 years, to honor one of the “Father’s of the Sport” of offshore racing and the creator of Donzi, Magnum, Formula, and Cigarette powerboats. The race produced a winner, Joe DeFusco, who completed the course in 6 hours and 15 minutes in his 30’ Sonic, and ignited interest within a fraternity of dedicated speedboat racers. Fast forward to last year’s “one-off” Record Run by Stu Hayim of Long Island, NY in his Class I MTI catamaran with 2,600 HP of Merc Power, the “Ferrari-Maserati Special”, Stu was able to establish a new open-class record of 2 hours and 11 minutes for the run and in doing so, raised close to $100,000.00 through pledges for his dedicated charity, “The Don Monti Memorial Cancer Research Foundation” of Cold Spring Harbor, NY.



2012 Don Aronow Memorial Marathon

See the Video of Stuart Hayim & John Tomlinson's Run Around Long Island

Read the Recap of the NPBA Sanctioned Event

August 8, 2012 


The V-Bottom Record is held by Joe Cibellis and Joe Sgro at 3 hours and 5 minutes, established in 2011 in a 43 Outerlimits powered by Ilmor V-10 engines.

2011 Marathon Statistics page      


Joe Sgro & Joe Cibellis

 Event Photos of the 2011 Race

  Billy's Recap of the 2011 Race



Event Photos of the 2010 Race

 A few racers have expressed interest in doing 'one-offs' and going for individual Class Records to circumnavigate Long Island. NPBA sanctions these events, as it did for Stu Hayim's famous record breaking run around Long Island in August, so please inquire if there is any interest to try. We have a book with all of the past record-holders so we can give you the info needed to be a record holder of your class.

    The promoters of the Don Aronow Memorial Marathon Race Around Long Island are looking for businesses and individuals interested in sponsorship of next year’s event.   Major Sports TV networks have expressed interest in a NASCAR style live broadcast of the event.  A sponsor who is looking to promote their brand in the international market could use the event to showcase their product before millions of potential users.

If you are interested, contact Billy Frenz

Previous Race


1959: Jim Lacy                   17' HUNTER w/70 HP Merc O/B      8 hrs 30 min 

avg: 34.2 mph     280 miles


Chuck Mercereau  17' POWER CAT w/2-80 HP Merc O/B's 6 hrs 

avg: 46.7 mph     280 miles


Sam Griffith             31'Bertram GlASS MOPPIE 2-330 HP Chryslers 6 hrs 22 min

avg: 44 mph       280 miles


Jim Wynne              19' Glastron GULFSTREAM 2-100 HP Volvos 6 hrs 2 min

avg: 42.9 mph     258.8 miles


Gene Bianco         19' ELTRO 2-100 HP Merc O/B's  5 hrs 26 min

avg: 44.2 mph     240 miles  


Odell Lewis            25' Bertram MONA LOU 2-310 HP MerCruisers 5 hrs 6 min

avg: 48 mph       245 miles


Stanley Humes     20' OWENS 225 HP MerCruiser 7 hrs 45 min

avg: 30.2 mph     234 miles


Alan Brown           28' Donzi BROAD JUMPER 2-530HP Holman& Moodys 4 hrs 42 min

avg: 53.8 mph     253 miles


Dick Genth            28' Formula THUNDERBIRD IV 450 HP MerCruiser 5 hrs 23 min

avg: 47 mph      253 miles


Bill Sirois               31' Bertram SIDEWINDER 2-475 HP MerCruisers
3 hrs 59 min
      Fred Keikhaefer

avg: 63.5 mph     253 miles


1969:Peter Rittmaster   
31' Bertram AMERICAN MOPPIE 2-475HP MerCs 4 hrs 33min

avg: 48.9 mph     222.5 miles

1989 : Stu Hayim       32' Skater, "RECOVERY" set the record at 3 hrs and  6 min with
       Joey Impresscia       on the throttles

2010 : Joe DeFusco
    30' Sonic 30SS "TEAM SONIC" 2-310 small block PCM V8 in 6 hrs 15 min


2011 : Joe Cibellis
    43' Outerlimits, crewed by Joe Sgro with Ilmor Power in 3 hrs and 5 min

2012 : Stuart Hayim & John Tomlinson  42' MTI  "Recovery"   2h 11m



2015 : Joe Cibellis    43' Outerlimits, crewed by Joe Sgro




Rick Stein Remembers

Rick Stein reminices about his 1965 Run Around Long island with pictures



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