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Billy's FAMOUS Brunch Run 2011


Hello NPBA Members and Fans,

We held our annual ‘Brunch Run Around New York City’ this past Sunday, October 9th, 2011 and the conditions could not have been better.

The weatherman proclaimed that the temperatures and humidity had not been this lovely since 1959. Who remembers that day in history? ( I Do! )

     Everyone assembled early at Buoy #27 on Long Island Sound, just outside of Port Washington, so we were able to make a prompt 12:02 pm START .... and what a START ... all 22 boats at once. My boat, PARTYMASTER, a 10 Meter Fountain with 500 HPs for power, held the lead for 38 seconds...and then the herd came by, one boat at a time. Jo Jo Baresse in his famous Activator Race boat "Gecko" and Dave Massi in his RAGE were the early leaders on my starboard side. Rick Ploterotti and Robert, aka the ‘Bronx Phantom’ teamed up in an Activator and also blistered my starboard side. After my paint was loosened up, the 28 RAGE SS of Rich Strofolino came by and just

shreaded it the rest of the way...he runs over 100 mph! The orange 30 RAGE followed closely and simply finished off my paint job at 90+ mph!

     Ozzie Castellnau showed up in his 43 Nor-Tech, “Wizard of Oz”, a veteran NPBA member who used to participate in his ‘over-powered’33 Power-Play back in the mid 90’s, and went right to the front-of-the–pack! Glad to see he is still running 105+ mph in a beautiful ride!

Tommy Fancher in his 37 Outerlimits from Full Throttle Marine kept Ozzie in his sights and ‘reeled him in’ when he desired. Scott Caroll in his 39 Cigarette Top Gun flirted with the leaders along with Eric Cheshire in his 41 Apache, who liked to come from the back of the pack and go to the front...and on the re-starts, stay in the back, spool her up and go to the front. I had the pleasure of meeting his father back at LaMotta’s Restaurant after the run...he confirmed being aboard while his son stood the boat on end a few times during the run...GOOD SHOW! I’d be pleasantly surprised if he rides with you again Eric.


     Johnny Durante arrived and played in his 35 Sonic, ‘Here’s Johnny’ along with Jeff from Houston, Texas in his 38 Nor-Tech. Our old friend Joe Amoroso finally came out to play with us again in his cool Outerlimits that also ran with the leaders. Hopefully he has those engine gremlins under control. Another boat that drove in from the south shore of Long Island was Vick in his 388 Slingshot Hustler titled, ‘Jeckyl and Hyde’...very impressive boat.

The OUTERLIMITS TEAM was well represented by Dan and Ken Kleitz in their 40 footer along with the new King of the AROUND LONG ISLAND MATRATHON, Joe Cibellis with his lovely family in their 43 Outerlimits. What a wonderful concept... a raceboat one weekend, and a family boat on the next...that is the best TOY in the Box!


Hanging with me in the conservative pack was Wayne in his 31 Cigarette Bullet, Richie Meyers in his 28 Pantera, and Al in his 34 Sonic. We hung in the back and swept the course, insuring we did not leave anyone behind.


We all returned to LaMotta’s Restaurant & Manhasset Bay Marina safely for libations and storytelling!


   Check out Larry Broadbent & Allison Frenz' photos


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