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Stuart Hayim 

1989  The Record Still Stands!  "RECOVERY set the record for this course at 3 hr 6m  with Joey Impresscia on the throttles"
NPBA archives

My record is 3:06.  Our distance travelled was 262.  We stopped for fuel because we HAD to.   If someone else can do it without a stop that is fine.  That fuel advantage is no different than the fact we had twin 600’s not 1400’s, #3 drives vs. #6’s etc.  Time, and in fact life has moved on.  (we used paper charts, GPS was still a dream)

   Joey and I have (very proudly) owned the (overall) record for 21 years and happily will tip our hat to ANYone who can better that feat, regardless of assets now at their disposal.   

   I know, firsthand how difficult and, in fact, scary and downright dangerous, this trip can be. It took us 3 years, 2 boats and as LOT of blood and a TON of money.  We didn’t stop for breakfast and, dare I even have to say this-we didn’t stop because it was “too rough”.  Real bravery is not fancy outfits or race haulers.  Real bravery are those who simply DO IT.  This now includes Charlie and crew just as much – if not moreso – as it includes Tom Gentry and Mark Lavin who made the ultimate sacrifice in their own attempts to win.   Had they “stopped for breakfast” surely they would still be with us but – get this – could they really LIVE with themselves or look in a mirror???  I can.    Joey can.  Now Charlie and crew (sorry, I don’t know their names) surely can.   Joey and I are proud to count ourselves in that group and our real race record ( 4 worlds and 3 U.S.-1’s) speaks for itself and will stand regardless of whether someone someday breaks the L.I. deal.

  In the meantime, as I told Charlie, the REAL heroes today are Charlie and his 2 brave friends.  CONGRATUILATIONS for your bravery and hard work.  No talk, ALL deeds!  VERY few folks can really grasp the scope of your accomplishment.  Very few. 

  May this note find you ALL in only the best of HEALTH! 

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