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Tom Abraham's September 24, 2010 Run

Immediate Release

September 24, 2010

Tom Abraham’s  N.P.B.A.“Around Long Island Marathon” Record Attempt


     In the spirit of returning Offshore Marathon events to the latest generation of boat racers and enthusiasts, the 20+ year old record of Stu Hayim at 3 hours and 6 minutes in his 32 Skater, is being vigorously challenged by a few “fast’ gentlemen.

     On this day, Friday, Sept 24th at 7:05 am, starting at Buoy/Gong #15 on Long Island Sound, Tommy Abraham in his 36 MTI Cat with twin-700 HP Merc’s and Jimmy Mac/Falcon Marine on the throttles headed toward New York City at over 100 miles per hour. With extra fuel tanks on-board, the plan was to make it around Long Island, non-stop.

     Every thing was going according to plan…until they reached the Atlantic Ocean. The actuality of the sea conditions was a whole lot different than the forecast. A big choppy sea coming from all directions slowed the craft down to 50 knots as she went from a speed mode to a survival mode. The crew was not phased and pressed on, but the machinery connections proved weak. The port side driveshaft/yoke assembly let go …mission aborted. This happened just off of Atlantic Beach/Jones Inlet…just 67 miles and 46 minutes into the challenge.   

     With 265 gallons of fuel remaining and the speed to do it, the team was on-track to establish a new record.

     “The boat will be gone through and prepped for another try” proclaimed Tommy Abraham. Jimmy Mac just smiled and affirmed Tommy’s words.

     We will post info on his next date for this run, but meanwhile you can view his GPS Tracking history/replay of this event through our website.


Billy Frenz




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