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Stuart Hayim & John Tomlinson - August 8, 2012

 Immediate Release:
August 8, 2012

Stu Hayim came back with a vengeance on Wednesday, august 8th, 2012, to recapture is 1989 record of the 'AROUND LONG ISLAND' IN A POWERBOAT, which he set at 3 hours and 6 minutes in his 32 Skater with Eickert power.

 The run started at 7:07 am, with a helicopter and sea-plane following the craft around the entire course. Cameras and medics were aboard. At 9:18 am, Stu was back at Buoy #27, the Official Start/Finish line. Guy Lamotta presented Stu the Checkered Flag, signifying the NEW Record from the Official Paceboat of the NPBA, "PARTYMASTER".

 That record was broken by Joe Cibellis and Joe Sgro in their Ilmor powered 43' Outerlimits last September in the 'Don Aronow Memorial Marathon Around Long Island' to 3 hours and 5 minutes.
Stu with Johnny Tomlinson on throttles, crushed that record by doing the run in 2 hours and 11 minutes using his Merc powered 42' MTI Cat, the 'Ferrari-Maserati' edition with a hint of the 'Recovery Race Team' built in.




This event was sanctioned and produced by the National Powerboat Association.

Stu Hayim & John Tomlinson Run Around Long Island kAttack GPS replay


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