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Glen Cove Powerboat Poker Run 2007 Results

September 30, 2007

On a bright, windy day on Long Island Sound…perfect for sailing…31 performance power boater members of the NATIONAL POWERBOAT ASSOCIATION took the 12 noon start, embarking on the 75 mile trip to 4 checkpoints in 4 separate harbors.

With the final details of the voyage being spelled out at the driver’s meeting at Steamboat Landing Restaurant, the host and primary sponsor of the event, all captains, sailors and mates anxiously took to the 4 and 5 foot seas spattered with white caps on their tops. All pertinent information was presented and a few previously unknown facts divulged…such as Billy Frenz being 1 year younger than Peter Meyers and that Billy had begun racing years before Peter…important stuff!

The parade to the start was lead by John Ruggieri’s 40’ Activator, “White Lightning”, but was quickly abbreviated while he and crew assisted with a “man over board” dilemma in the staging area. After resolving the danger and getting the flagman on to Guy LaMotta’s 53 Magnum, “Dry Martini”, John took off for CP #1 and showed the world why they call him, “the World’s Fastest Plumber”…a 90+ mph ride to Bridgeport ensued.

Carl Caiozzo in his Zul powered 36’ Cat with Vin Rifice on the “sticks” took a straight line to Bridgeport and lead the fleet into Checkpoint #1, Dolfin Cove Restaurant. Tom Abraham, with his son, Wesley navigating their 46’ Cigarette, “Rough Rider” also with Zul Power, ran a few yards off the leader, and was the 1st V-Bottom to successfully navigate his way 22 miles to Bridgeport, CT. Arthur Damast enjoyed cruising with the leaders in his 46’ Cat, “Red Wind”, spinning those Herring props on Mercury No. 6 speedmasters.

Ante Zic, in his super hot OUTERLIMITS, “Infatuation” with JC Performance Engines, did not skip a beat…(because JC Performance’s Jeff Cropper is a great drummer…get it?)…just a few waves as he flew up and down the Sound waiting for the helicopter to catch him for his photo-op. TEAM FOUNTAIN was well represented by having Factory Rep Craig Steinroeder at the helm of a triple-engine 47’ Lightning named, ”BOATSHOWDIRECT.NET”…promoting Fountain’s newest dealer in the region located in Stratford, Connecticut and headed up by the infamous Scott “Tuna” Mitchell!

Also running at 90 plus miles per hour was Steve Barker and crew in his triple engine Cobra powered 39 Sonic…last seen blowing by Bridgeport on his way to New Haven. His boat goes too fast for the on-board navigator and thus will get a new gps/chartplotter for Christmas!

Eric Cheshire was riding with the leaders in his beautifully restored 41’ Apache, the famous World and National Champion, “Star Chaser“ from the 80’s NPBA Circuit. The boat ran 104 MPH during the NPBA’s Key West Kilo-Runs in November of 1987 and is running almost that fast today due to Eric’s dedicated and talented wrench work. He makes those feathers fly! Rick Ploteroti’s 35’ Cigarette and Anthony Altomare’s 39’ Cigarette rode with the “big boys” and those Cigs took to those big seas like a fish to water…no problem! Pete Gerardi’s 28’ Skater with Merc 300 HP outboards managed to run the rough stuff and then fly in the calm water …the little bit that we had.

Billy Duckworth’s triple-engine 51’ Outerlimits, “Bad Boy Billy” and Chuck McQuillan’s triple-engine 42 Outerlimit’s , “No Regrets” did the most boating that day. They cruised from Navesink Marina in Sea Bright, New Jersey to Glen Cove and then did the entire Poker Run and then ran back to Jersey…they had the most fun…and probably burned the most gas that day.

Team Outerlimits was also represented by Billy Betz’s 42’, “Equalizer” from Long Island and Carmine DeRosa’s 37’ GTX, “Raging Storm” from New Jersey, our “Cover Boat” for this event.

Tri-State Performance Marine was represented by Eric Andreas’ 35’ Nordic and Paul LaScala’s 28’ Ultra. Eric came in from Illinois to enjoy event and Paul came from Long Island…the boats came from/manufactured on the west coast…a little geography lesson for everyone. Tri-State Performance is located in St. James, New York and provides superior sales and service for performance powerboats.

Mariner’s Cove Marine, the premier Fountain Powerboat Dealer for New York, fielded a 35’ Fountain with a pair of 496’s that ran 85 mph in the rough stuff thanks to the excellent navigation of Nicole Arcate and throttling of Frank Gardini. Another eye-catching Fountain tearing up the sound was CORPORATECARS.COM, the record setting center-console of Bob Kolenberg that runs just under 90 MPH with 4-Merc 300 HP outboards and represents BOATSHOWDIRECT.NET, that new Fountain dealer in Connecticut.

After visiting each checkpoint, the fleet made it safely back to Glen Cove for the Awards Party. The presentations went as followed:

Sponsorship Awards:

John Ferrara of Steamboat Landing Restaurant

George Magnifico of Fastboats, Inc/Active Thunder Powerboats

Nicole Arcate of Mariner’s Cove Marine/Fountain Powerboats

Scott “Tunafish” Mitchell of BOATSHOWDIRECT.NET

Best Navigator Trophy for the Cats: Carl Caiozzo and Vin Rifice, 36 Skater Cat

Best Navigator Trophy for the V-Bottoms: Tom and Wesley Abraham, 46 Cigarette

Best Looking Crew Trophy: Charles McQuillan 42 Outerlimits

Best Looking Boat Trophy: Carmine DeRosa, 37 Outerlimits, “Raging Storm”.

SPIRIT OF THE NPBA TROPHY: Steve Barker, 39 Sonic, “For My Girls”

Poker Hand Winners:

1st place, $2,500.00: Rob Winowski, 28’ Armada Batboat, 4-6’s

2nd place, $1,000.00: Steve Barker, 39 Sonic, 4-5’s

3rd place, $500.00: Joe Barrese, 27 Activator, 4-2’s

4th place, $500.00: Lou Giancontieri, 35 Fountain, Flush

5th place, $500.00: Tom Fancher, 37 Outerlimits, 3-9’s (“Lucky Tom” is the all time biggest winner on the NPBA Poker Run circuit…and has a 30’ Outboard Motion Cat for-sale)

The event was deemed a great success by all attendees and we look forward to our NPBA events;

We are working on the possible reactivation of the RACE AROUND LONG ISLAND, a 276 mile marathon race circumnavigating Long Island, which will include the Historic Offshore Race Boat Association Members and current National Powerboat Association members.

I salute all Captains and Crews for an exciting year of powerboating!

Billy Frenz
Executive Director

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