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NPBA  Hall of Fame

August 21, 2015

Bob Saccenti joins the National Powerboat Association's

Hall of Fame

Bob Saccenti and Billy Frenz at Guy LaMotta's

Bobby Saccenti  (The Magic Throttle Arm)     Offshore Racer and Manufacturer

Past Race Originations and Affiliations:

H.O.R.B.A.  / A.P.B.A.  / S.B.I. / U.I. M. / O.P.B.R.A. / N.J.O.P.R.A. / P.O.P.R.A.  / G.L.O.P.A.

Race Boat Affiliations: 

36’ Cigarette  Blonde /  28’ Cigarette  Mighty Mouse I / 28’ Cigarette  Mighty Mouse II  / 28’ Cigarette Flying Machine / 36’ Cigarette  Popeye /  44’ MSV  La Tortuga / 36’ Cigarette  Baccarat / 32’ Cobra Renegade /  35’ Cigarette  Jerry Jacoby  / 29’ Mirage  Scorpion / 37.5 Cigarette  Ajac Hawk  / 35’ Cigarette  Fast Company / 39’ Cigarette  Fast Company / 39’ Squadron  Apache  / 45’ Cigarette  Parker Meridian / 41’ Apache  Warpath / 41’ Apache  Team Apache /  41’ Apache  Warpath II /  41’ Apache Cat / 47’ Apache  Team Apache / 41’ Apache  Meanstreak  /  36’ Apache  Geronimo  / 36’ Apache  Team Apache


1976 Florida Governors Cup / 1980 Boating Magazine Offshore Design Award  / 1981 APBA Crew Chief of The Year  / 1983 George Linder Designers Award  / 1984 APBA World Championship  / 1985 UIM World Championship runner up / 1986 United States Championship  US1 / 1986 APBA Throttle Man of The Year  / 2007 Geico  Racing Team  United We Race Award / 2013 Guernsey Gold Cup United Kingdom

Chief Powerboats

 2012 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

  Junior Class 

  2009 'Sophomore Class' Hall of Fame Inductees

2008 'Freshman Class' Hall of Fame Inductees



 The ceremony took place at LaMotta’s Restaurant

This distinction is awarded to the gentlemen who have displayed powerboat skills in the racing and hi-performance powerboat world of events produced by the National Powerboat Association from its inception in 1976

We had the Junior Class inducted into the NPBA Hall of Fame last night at LaMotta's. Had a lot of the old crew show up...watched our old races...John D'Elia, JD, Joe Sgro, Peter Meyer, Big Paul....when I left John Coen was passed out on the hood of his car (hope it was his car)...

Things did not go totally according to plan, but I and everyone else had a good time.

Quite a unique group!    Billy Frenz, NPBA

2012 'Junior Class' Hall of Fame Inductees


 NPBA Hall of Fame Member Stuart Hayim

   NPBA Hall of Fame Member Larry Smith

    NPBA Hall of Fame Member Tom Akouri

   NPBA Hall of Fame Member Sal Sciandra


















The National Powerboat Association is dedicated to the advancement of powerboating in America
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