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Top Row left to right: Roger Munn, Rich Luhrs, Tom Akouri, Peter Aitken,

The late Mike DeGeorgio's son and daughter (from S & S Prop), Charlie McCarthy, Ray Patneude, Rolf Papke Bottom row: Mike Schoderer, Lindsie Pirie, Chris Lavin, Joe Sgro,
Guy LaMotta, John Bochis, Me, John Coen

Missing from the picture are Ron Barrette, Jimmy Macintyre, Sal Sciandra, and Peter Mazzo..

The following achieved the required votes and were inducted on June 13th, 2008, 7 PM,  at the NEW YORK CITY POWERBOAT POKER RUN.  

Date: June 1, 2008

  1. Pete Aitkin: BLACK DUCK RACING; 30 Shadow Cat w/twin Merc O/B’s then triples…became a legend!
  2. Jim McIntyre: MAD MAC RACING, 32 Scorpion, triple Merc O/B’s…this was just the beginning, he is still in the “game” today in a big way.
  3. Ron Barrette: OVERDOSE, SUPERDOSE, MAXED OUT RACING, 30 Superboat w/O/B’s, 40 Skater Cat. …names say it all!!!
  4. Rich Luhrs: SHADOW RACING, Image 21 O/B and the 1st 30 Shadow Cat…Designer, Builder, Commentator Extraordinaire…he knows everything about the “game.
  5. Joe Sgro: FEVER RACING, 28 Manta w/Small Blocks …ran over 80 mph back in the 80’s, realized you go faster by chine-walking since you only use half the “coefficient of drag”…currently a star on the OUTERLIMITS/LUCAS Race Team… Tester of the new Racing neck/helmet support brace.
  6. Guy LaMotta: DRY MARTINI, 27 Magnum w/Holman & Moody’s, 40 Cigarette, 53 Magnum…a great competitor, innovator, and connoisseur to our sport!
  7. Sal Sciandra: AWESOME RACING, 32 Scorpion, 36 Eliminator Cat, 40 Skater Cat…1986 NPBA CHAMPION and still one of the fastest guys on the water!
  8. Chris Lavin and Mark Lavin (Deceased): JESSE JAMES RACING, 28 Cigarette in 1984, 30 Chris Cat, 35 Conquest Cat…Courageous is a term that fits the Lavin Bros and their memorable style!!! “Hats-off” to their dedication & contributions to the sport…forever!
  9. Larry Smith: OUTRAGEOUS RACING, 30 Sutphen in 1979, 33 Sutphen, initially powered by Jim Ross Engines in the 30 and later powered by Bill Flynn’s tachometer’s needles past 9,000 rpms(no rev-limiters) to make 92+ mph…!
  10. Steve Berk: GREAT ADVENTURE, WINGS RACING, 30 Sutphen, 28 Cigarette,…numerous fast boats since then…he loves the rough water where real men race!
  11. Pete Mazzo: DYNAMITE RACING, NO DISCIPLINE; presently runs a 46 Outerlimits and is a “legend” on the Poker Run circuit.
  12. John Bochis: CRAZY GREEK; the name says it all, racing on Barnegat Bay since 1974, rose to “fame” on the NPBA Circuit and still goes faaaast!
  13. Michael Georgio (Deceased): S and S Propellers’ Patriarch and an asset to all teams that wanted to go faster. Michael ran with the EXTRACTOR RACE TEAM on the NPBA Circuit.
  14. Tom Akoury, HIGH ROLLER, BLACK DUCK RACING; Throttleman extrordinaire, started on the NPBA Circuit and conquered APBA also.
  15. Joey Detore, (Deceased), M-77 SUPERBOAT, started in 1976 at Billy’s Gateway Powerboat Regatta and achieved “fame” while racing with Reggie and  beating those “Movie Stars” on Lake Ponchetrain.
  16. Joey Impresscia, EAST COAST MARINE PERFORMANCE; started racing with Joey Detore in 1976 at the Gateway Powerboat Regatta and has made a “World Class” profession of it.
  17. Charlie McCarthy, BANANA BOAT; Showed up in Greenwich to race with his 24 Banana Boat, “Fast Lady” (Cigarette)and never looked back.
  18. Peter Myer, LADY L, INSTIGATOR; From a 28 Signature to his 38 Fountain, Peter has become a World Champion
  19. Rolf Papke, STILETTO, PROROC RACING; Another success story in the industry of Hi-Performance Boating headquartered in Brick, NJ.
  20. John Coen, SUPERBOAT , Builder of the Superboats of Long Island and my first nemesis in Class “A” Club Racing. He has sustained the test of time and become a legend in the industry.
  21. Tony Caligure, OCEAN OUTBOARD; Tony’s 24 Checkmate made his mark on the NPBA Circuit and founded Ocean Outboard, Inc of Freeport, NY.
  22. Roger Munn, JOLLY ROGER; Famous for winnimg races in his 27 Magnum where ever he entered. He dominated the fleet!23.
  23. George Linder, designed our Shadows, Conquests, plus the Chris Cats including all of the Jesse James Cats.24.
  24. Tim Ciasulli: MAXON RACE TEAM…still leading the way in his 51 OUTERLIMITS “Planetman”.25.
  25. Lindsey Pirie: Indigo Race Team…he built the boat!26.
  26. Steve Schoderer; Indigo Race Team wouldn’t have won all of those GATEWAY POWERBOAT REGATTA’S back in the 70’s without Steve’s talent!27.
  27. Reggie Fountain: …needs no introduction…he is a LEGEND!28.
  28. Joe Barrese: 81 years old, still does his own “wrenchin’” AND GOES 92 mph!29.
  29. Ray Patnaude; a racer and organizer from New Jersey…the “behind the scenes” guy that make the New Jersey scene tick.
  30. Billy Frenz: a Racer, a  Musician, and the “Showman” that makes all this  HAPPEN!!!

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