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2009 Hall of Fame Recipients


Top Row left to right:
Richie Powers, Frank Lach, Kurt Burger, Mark Tangas,
Gino Montrone, Frank Buckley

2nd row: Fred Talrico, Natalie Frenz and Billy Frenz accepting for Jack Rea (deceased),
Tim Sharkey,
Peter Myers, John D'Elia, Phi Fillipone

3rd row:
Jeff Gerardi, John Emmons, Dave Patenaude, Joe Calabro and crew,
Mike Alesse

Recipient Tom Caruso recieved his award at a later date.

2009 Sophomore Class Nominees

Stu Hayim (Recovery),

John D’Elia (Special Edition),

Sky Gillespie - Deceased, (Executioner Tunnel),

Rick Felsen (Hawk Racing Team),

Billy Martin (Bounty Hunter),

Tom Caruso (Total Marine),

Kurt Burger (Smokey and the Bandit),

Fred Talarico (Big Shot),

Jim Laznovsky (Extractor),

Mark Tangas (Profit Taker),

John Demeno (Armed and Dangerous; B-52 Bomber(not the red boat),

Tim Sharkey (Apollo),

The Fillipone Brothers (Double Vision)

Werner Kuenzle (Borderline),

J.D. D’Elia (Breakaway),

Matt Leuci, Aldo Aleszczuck, Gino Montrone (Instant Air),

Joe Calabro, Bob Idoni, Mike Alesse (Phantom),

Jeff Gerardi (Acapulco Gold, Panama Red, Freeze Frame),

Rudy DiPietro (Scarab),

Frank Buckley (HMS Dea Won), Richie Zul (Zul Racing),

Rich Danscicin (Town and Country)

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The National Powerboat Association is dedicated to the advancement of powerboating in America
through event promotions and productions and as a purveyor of powerboats, powerboat equipment, videos, and sportswear. 
Conceived in 1976 with various regional events and upgraded in 1982 to national events,
the N.P.B.A.'s boating experience assures premium shows and quality products.

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