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NPBA Hall of Fame Junior Class


Junior Class Induction Ceremony Photos


NPBA Hall of Fame Inductees for 2012          

Dr. Bill Schmid
  30 Spectre, 36 Spectre, 36 Skater, “CATISFACTION”


Mike Fusco         “JET SET”,  GE Tubine powered 40 Skater Cat


John Ruggieri    26 Scarab NOVA, 40 Activator, “WHITE LIGHTNING”

Rich Troppoli    ‘ ShockWave’  27 Magnum, 42 Fountain Canopy, “RIO ROSES”, 9ooHP Mercs    
Tommy Fancher  38 Cigarette, 37 OUTERLIMITS    


Johnny O’loughlin   38 Hustler Slingshot “RUNNING LATE”, 37 Outerlimits, ”LETS ROCK”,42 Outerlimits, “WHAT A GAS”, 42 Outerlimits GTX ,”ALL FIRED UP”,42 MTI Race Boat, “JUSTICE IS COMING”,  48 Outerlimits Supercat, “JUSTICE”, 40 MTI R/P Cat, “RED EYE EXPRESS”, 48 MTI Supercat, “TERMINATOR”     
Vinny Rifice  “ COLOR ME BAD” Skater Cat, “ BAD”. 32 Skater Cat      
David Dall 27 Excalibur Speedster,  377 Scarab, 38 Cigarette “PARTY DALL”    

Marcus Zavattaro   20 Formula, "LONG GONE", 21 Scarab, 32 Hustler "OBSESSION" , 37 Outerlimits,  "ZAZU", 37 Outerlimits, “ZAZU II”, 37 Outerlimits, “WILD CHILD”.

Ozzie Castellnou   32 PowerPlay, 36 NorTech Cat, 43 NorTech w/1075HP Mercs, “Wizard of Oz”    

Dr. Steve Thiele  28 Skater, “WHIPLASH”,  32 Ilmor powered Skater


Chris Cestaro     Owner of Ocean Performance, Old Saybrook , CT

 Steve Barker     39 Sonic w/triple 750HP Cobras, 43 Nortech w/1075HP Mercs, ”For My Girls”    

Paul Kohloff       25 SeaBird Stiletto w/LS6 & Merc  #3, 28 Cigarette, 27 Excalibur, 40 Fountain w/twin BIG Blower motors and ‘Merc Speedies’


Tommy Abraham  38 Cigarette Top Gun, 42 Cigarette “Endangered Species”, 36 Cigarette Gladiator, 45 Cigarette Maximus, 46 Cigarette (red yellow black), 46 Cigarette(yellow purple) 36 MTI, 42 MTI.


Tom Masotta     “Time Out”, 32 Scorpion


…the ‘Junior Class’


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The National Powerboat Association is dedicated to the advancement of powerboating in America
through event promotions and productions and as a purveyor of powerboats, powerboat equipment, videos, and sportswear. 
Conceived in 1976 with various regional events and upgraded in 1982 to national events,
the N.P.B.A.'s boating experience assures premium shows and quality products.

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