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New York City Powerboat Poker Run 2009  Recap

June 20, 2009                      "The WET ONE !"

Fortunately, the weather held out....somewhat...
Friday nite's
HALL OF FAME Party was tremendous...a lot of great Champions
from "yesterday".

On Saturday, we got the run in..."just"...and GLAD WE DID...there are so may
"parts/permits"  to producing this affair!

I am so happy for Dr Bill Schmid; I hope at 77 years old I still have the Passion for "speed" that he demonstrated on Saturday.

Thanks for all of your support guys...just got home to CT. ....gotta' go to
sleep now for about 72 hours.

My direct e-mail if you need any direct/confidential info.

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PS: On another thread I read that the MTI was  detuned" could you come to NEW YORK CITY and not bring your " A Game/all the boost" ...somebody is not sleeping well over that decision!

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