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Race Around Long Island for Cancer Research 

Stu Hayim's Record Attempt  September 3, 2015

Recovery Offshore Powerboat Crash during Race Around Long Island 

Hayim Record Run for Cancer Research 

Published on Sep 8, 2015

Here's the on-board footage from when Stuart Hayim unfortunately hit a marker buoy while attempting a world record run around Long Island.
This accident happened during a charity run, in which Stuart Hayim was hoping to raise $250,000, to be donated to The Don Monti Foundation for cancer research. Stuart is a Cancer survivor and retired powerboat racing legend. Despite this unfortunate incident, it would be greatly appreciated to assist Stuart in his endeavors, by donating to the Don Monti Foundation. Set-up in memory of a 16-yr old boy, that lost his battle to cancer, the foundation seeks to raise money, to be used in finding a cure for cancer. Stuart, a cancer survivor himself, hopes that this record attempt will provide hope & inspiration to others, in their battle with cancer.
To find out more about the Don Monti Foundation, or to make donations, follow this link:




Record Run

2012 Race Around Long Island

from the Ferrari - Maseratt website





Published on Sep 14, 2012

Stuart Hayim smashed the 270 mile Around Long Island record by 54 minutes, 2 hrs. and 11 minutes on September 8. He had set the old record of 3 hr. 6 min. 22 years ago. Last year it was broken by 1 minute. The run was a vehicle to raise donations for the Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation for Cancer


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